Research Areas

Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry

  • Image matching and object detection from digital images.

  • Geometric rectification.

  • Underwater photogrammetry.

  • Aerial, satellite and terrestrial photogrammetry.

  • SAR Interferometry.

Geographic Information System

  • City models.

  • Spatio-temporal data mining.

  • Intelligent transportation systems.

  • Civil science.

Geodesy and GNSS

  • Drought forecasting and analysis through global and regional satellite gravity measurements.

  • Evaluation of global gravity field models for geodetic applications.

  • Investigation of coastal areas with gravity data obtained from altimeter and gravimetric elevation reference surface extraction.

  • Analysis and geodetic applications of GNSS measurements.

  • Modeling of electron content of ionosphere with GNSS signals.

  • Real-time, post-process PPP, PPP with multi-GNSS.

  • Indoor positioning systems.

  • VLBI and its monitoring of earth orientation parameters (EOPs). 

  • Geodynamic effects in Geodesy.

  • Tropospheric delay models, mapping functions.

  • Intra and inter-technical combinations of space/satellite-based positioning systems.

  • Space-time coordinate systems.

  • GNSS data processing and programming.

  • Real-time precise orbits/clocks determination and ambiguity solution.

  • Multi - GNSS (MGEX), Real-time GNSS solutions.

  • Signal processing, GNSS receiver design.


  • Precise surveying.

  • Deformation monitoring.

  • Engineering surveys: new approaches for route construction, area and volume measurements.

  • Computer-aided map production.

  • Special techniques in traverse and leveling calculations.

Land Administration and Management

  • Legal data organization schemes and model development for urban infrastructure and facilities.

  • International spatial data infrastructures.

  • 3D cadastre.

  • Land administration regulations.